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Awww, such sweet babies. Nice photo. Sending prayers and strength for the babies, the family, and friends. It's a lot to go through. Glad they're getting good care.

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They are willing to give up revenue from advertising or they will need to inflate their visitor numbers when everyone leaves.

Is TheDonald Win on Twitter? I'd bet we'd get more patriots that are locked out from Reddit on here if we have a presence on Twitter.

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Hillary will use First Amendment protections and Tulsi will have to pay both sets of lawyer fees. Sure does keep both of them in the headlines.

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If you see one movie, make it Richard Jewell. Hollywood colluded with the movie theaters to destroy Clint Eastwood's film by NOT SHOWING IT in the movie theaters. It was unavailable in all of my local movie theaters. Why? The left can't handle the truth?

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He lifted the quote. It's been around for a very long time, possibly as far back as 25 BC. It was first published in the 1890s by Rev. John Watson. However, lots of authors now claim it as their own.

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I'm surprised. I checked in on their coverage, too. They're simply not covering it. Since the Murdoch boys (both staunch liberals) took over, I'm sure they're given a list of what to cover and what not to cover. As soon as Donna Brazile came on this morning, I turned it off.

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That comment about Michelle being a tranny AND Joan also complained about Palestine which resulted in her receiving death threats. #RIP

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This. She's an opportunist who has simply used the marriage opportunity with Harry as a step up on the ladder. Piers Morgan called it years ago, long before the actual wedding. Interesting how their abdication announcement made Prince Andrew's storyline with Epstein disappear from the press.

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The weaker the people, the stronger the government to control the people. We would know very little without Trump chipping away at all of the lies and exposing decades of traitorous corruption.

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Interesting how the Harry-Meghan BS took Prince Andrew out of the headlines for his connections to Epstein. Hmmm... convenient timing.

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No country wants to foot the bill for those two now...haha.

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May 2014: Natural News (author of the article cited above) has been suppressed by Google since exposing on Dr. Oz that the FDA was approving a percentage of toxic heavy metals in America's "organic" food.

June 2014: After that interview, Congress started to target Dr. Oz and scolded him publicly for topics on his show including weight loss.

No coincidence. Tell the truth about the FDA, there are going to be consequences.

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I was surprised they caved but the LBGTQ+ folks are still hating on Chick-fil-A so in the end, it didn't matter one bit.

In December, President Trump went out of his way to highlight the good works by The Salvation Army.

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Rand Paul is encouraging this Tim Kaine resolution. Disturbing.

Trust no one.

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Dr. Drew is authentic and he would do amazing work in CA. I hope he does run. I've met him. He's a good guy.

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