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[–] salvecitizen (20 points)

There reports are terrific. Congratulations to OAN.

[–] Rikki_Tikki (16 points)

but reddit told me this was a debunked conspiracy theory.

It just keeps reminding me of Brawndo having electrolytes.

[–] dneal1975 (9 points)

It's got what plants crave.

[–] JirkaBedr (5 points)

.... electrolytes.....

[–] Ghost_Soul167 (5 points)

....like Toilet water?...

[–] westrock2000 (2 points)

REDDIT: Joe Biden did absolutely nothing wrong. We didn’t even have to look, it was so obvious. OAN claims he did, without evidence.

[–] Gypsy6 (12 points)

OANN making the other "news" and "journalists" and "reporters" look worse than they already do! OANN showing them how to do it right!

OANN deserves a Pulitzer honestly, just for interviewing the actual participants.

Meanwhile congress brings up their "witnesses" who heard from somebody who said, who thought, who felt...

[–] jimmajamma (7 points) *

Is it just me or is that Rudy Giuliani in the interview footage? At 2:00 he's the most clearly visible.

[–] jimmajamma (4 points) *

Here's another part:


I'm starting to think this OAN series has more substance than the IG drop will. Maybe a coordinated dump?

[–] NotProgCensored (5 points)

Is this part 2?

[–] jimmajamma (3 points)

I think it may be part 3. She refers to this one being Part 2:


And the OP video shows up chronologically afterwards.

[–] zoideergtpce90 (4 points)

Ok, Mr. Attorney General, please tell America that you're investigating this & will prosecute if true. If not, please let us know so we can ask Trump to replace you.


[–] herooftaemasto (3 points)

Damn you will never see that anywhere else

[–] VetforTrump (2 points)

The genesis of Americas future free press is occurring.

[–] EnthtOngZero813 (2 points)

I'm subscribing to OAN!

[–] atpebina (2 points)

Democrats Exposed. They send our children to die in the Middle East while they send their children to Ukraine to get rich.