Joe's Wisdom For the Ages (magaimg.net) 💩 SHITPOST 💩
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4morebeers (26 points)

You. Me. Push-up contest now!

UrVapid [S] (14 points)

He's so addled he can't find the floor...

PotentialWizard (7 points)

Whatever you wanna do! C'mon, man.

jerryriggs1 (3 points)

Easy there, fat. (just kidding)

Pootweet (2 points)


NostalgicFuturist (13 points)

Wow, right up there with "These are the times that try men's souls" and "Ask not what your country can do for you"! Soaring eloquence that leaves you with tears in your eyes--in Biden's case, tears of laughter.

mintscape (12 points)

Part of me feels bad about laughing at this because Pedo Joe is most certainly in severe mental decline, then I remember what an evil scumbag he is.

The longer he is in the race the more obvious it will become to all that he is very unwell.

CQVFEFE (10 points) *

Q: Senator Biden, what's your response to those who are concerned about your ability to connect coherent sentences together?

A: What's the difference between a duck? Why a house, compounded the bigger they are the much, expodentially one of its legs is both the same key. So they thought I may-B-C-D-E-F-fectively unaware that we are even doing it is a far far better thing that I do now then, now then, what's going onward Christian Barnard the famous hearty part of the lettuce now praise famous mental homes for loonies like me. Does that answer your question, Jack? Come on, man!!

I have a friend who damaged his brain taking massive amounts of LSD who talks like this... it's really sad. You can tell he is trying to express something, but his brain is just broken.

bigdeer67 (2 points)

Y'all are fuckin killing me. My face hurts from smilin

a10eod (6 points)

HOW DARE YOU!!! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!! ICE CREAM DOESN'T HAVE BONES.... I wouldn't know this because I should be across the ocean in Swedenstan schewel!!

Waicool (5 points)

i'm thinking they're micro dosing Joe

Listen fat, ice cream doesn't need bones if it's a delicious ice cream sandwich. But if you take the wrapper off and hold it with your fingers, the chocolate cake gets stuck to your finger tips. That why I always lick my wife's fingers - to get the cake off.

cmaurras (3 points)

You know it’s quality when you can hear his voice as you read it.

Shayhawk (3 points)

I've had a wheel fall off my canoe and he identifies with me! I was going to vote for Trump but Joe's my man now!!!!

Zadok (1 point)

Training wheels?

Kekkonshiki (2 points)

This reminds me of the story told to me by my friend corn pop, he didn’t snap or crackle, but he was one hell of a leg hair pusher downer.

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MAG_n_KAG (2 points)

Reminds me of that time my roommate had some type of schizophrenic episode, except my roommate wasnt running for president. He went straight to the looney bin.

patriotvetPA (2 points)

Watching him speak is like watching Bad Lip Reading. When he was talking about kids touching his hairy legs and roaches, I was 100% convinced I was watching a doctored video.

UrVapid [S] (1 point)


Pootweet (2 points)

Now that Cornpop,..he could stack a mean spaghetti...

Trump-45 (2 points)

Wack job!

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bigdeer67 (1 point)

Is this real?!?! Bahahahaha

Cue_Cumber (1 point)

Actual quote!