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nothingberg [S] (9 points)

Noon to 1pm

Patriot2001 (2 points)

Which time zone?

techiejames (2 points)

Probably US Eastern, the time zone Washington, DC is in.

Belleoffreedom (4 points)

I will be here, and i'll be reading.

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hdcochran (3 points)

It has already been leaked to the MSM.

Gypsy6 (1 point)

Only parts that they were able to see.

Ockoson (3 points)

Everyone stay safe. If there is any substance to the report there will be something to distract the masses.

Watch Department of Justice Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz announces the release of an Audit on the FBI’s Management of its Confidential Human Source Validation Processes.


Gypsy6 (1 point)

I downloaded all previous reports from the IG govt website. No reason why this one won't be available on the site today. Conservative tree house has always posted on their site on scrib and gave the link to the IG govt website.

Based_Robin_Hood (1 point)

Thanks for the reminder and the link! 👍

padishar (1 point)

Its there!!!!!! Go read it!!!!!!

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fssdevree (1 point)

Put a video about this on Pornhub along with the caption "Peter Stroke Fucks America." That's how you redpill the masses.

anidiotsynchaty (1 point)

Yeh, but they didn't exist! More like CIA attacks!