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PewPew_ThaDuK (21 points)

You should ask if they heard about the Trump heart attack. Watch them hyperventilate, then show a news clipping about Bernie heart attack. Finish with, all these old white dudes look alike, sorry!

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MyWoWServer (9 points)

So great he sold out his supporters for a house on the beach.

Parrot157 (9 points)

Today's colleges are raising a generation of idiots. Overly sensitive idiots.

MAGANYficent (3 points)

That's unfortunately the problem.

You have a generation of kids whose parents never "parented" or taught their kids to think or learn to cope for themselves.

Colleges have also moved away from teaching academics and promoting critical thinking to trying to instill leftist ideologies.

"Colleges have also moved away from teaching academics and promoting critical thinking to trying to instill leftist ideologies."

Kinda like how Congress has moved away from passing legislation and serving its constituents to trying to overturn the 2016 election.

impera (2 points)

Hundreds of millions of dead people that its caused, but communism is still great? We have seen Venezuela which Bernie praised collapse into a shitpile in so quick a time that even the ADD-iphone attention-span lacking distractable generation of zoomers ought to be able to grasp this as a perfect example of why it always fails.. but no?

Its a sad commentary on the poor quality of your college, sorry about that OP.

lifeisahologram (1 point)

Not just idiots. Worse than idiots. idiots with a piece of paper that tells them they aren't an idiot and they are smart and better than other people.

Now we have idiots who are too dumb to ever realize they are idiots.

Cutter (1 point)
  • College educated overly sensitive idiots.
HanAssholeSolo (1 point) *

Not just colleges. Anyone upset at the world for being unfair is getting played non stop by MSM and social media. 20 years ago if you were having a bad time, your dad probably told you to get your shit together. These days, it's not your fault, it's capitalism's fault and it's white peoples' fault.

workinating (5 points)

Feeling the burn, but this time going to get a nice mansion with a view of the mountains. Beach homes are so last election.

Skyrison (3 points)

they dont have a fucking clue!!

sheepdawg (3 points)

The DNC didn't think he was so great, they screwed him and his supporters over during the last election. Remind one of his little snowflakes of this every time you see one. Perhaps they'll stay home in disgust when the D's run their chosen one next time and it ain't Bernie.

not_a_shill (2 points)

You know you're financially supporting that institution and its indoctrination. You should take your money elsewhere.

bill_the_butcher (2 points)

just tell them no refunds bitches

lifeisahologram (2 points)

A while ago on campus I heard kids talking about their first pay checks.

Aside from being blown away these 18-20somethings only got their first ever job in fucking college, was the fact that they were complaining about taxes being taken out of their paychecks but also in their same conversation they were complaining how health care should be free, and we need to help each other as a society.

They couldn't even connect the dots that "free" healthcare equals taxation lol.

But of course I'm sure they just meant OTHER people should pay for their healthcare.

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Lol_Garrus (1 point)

The people who are deepyl offended by a swastika but not a hammer & sickle were failed by the education system