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[–] williammcfadden (11 points)

His brakes were on fire trying to stop the acceleration of that car.

[–] grenades_and_ham (8 points)

John Brennan left the conversation

[–] OhWell_iAn (4 points)

every time that faggot goes silent it boosts my hopes he is hanging from a rope

[–] K-Harbour (7 points)

Q reported on car remotes in same post as SA Los Vegas.

[–] VickiKAG (7 points)

Thank you for remembering Michael Hastings and the connection to his work covering corruption by Brennan!!!!!!

[–] King (3 points)

need more of this...never forget what obama did

The engine was BLOWN FROM THE CAR during the "crash"/explosion.

Physicists can explain the forces needed to have done this. It wasn't just a wreck.

Obviously a sign he was on the trail of high rollers with access to toys they can both show off and cover up.

They fear the people so they try to silence individuals and trick us into not seeing him as a martyr in a greater battle for the soul of the earth.

This is the first time I've heard he was investigating Brennan before he got the Boston breaks. Interesting, what do we know?

[–] MAGA912 [S] (4 points)

Snowden released proof the CIA had the tools to control cars remotely. I don't even think this info is considered a conspiracy theory anymore.