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Oooh, this will be a good one!

[–] Need4Pede (10 points)

It's going to smell like Freedom and chocolate!

[–] Need4Pede (10 points) *

Planning to go. However looks like rain. Any good suggestions from those who been to Rallies before? Dad and his buddy are starting to sound questionable now. I might be going it alone. Dad is a Vietnam vet and absolutely hates being in the rain. "I spent 18 months in the rain. I hate the F-ing rain". Can't really argue with that. Planning on camping out however early makes sense. Chair, poncho, umbrella, snacks. Hoping someone will hold my place just before so I can run things to the car. I'll be the tall guy (6'8) with a fake leg (you can't tell). Just say hi or yell "you tall ass Pede". I'll know and tip my hat your way. Very excited. Hoping the disruptors keep their distance. I can be a grumpy bear if pushed.

[–] WEWLAD [S] (8 points)

... dry socks two pairs,...

[–] Need4Pede (4 points)

1 pair. I have a fake leg so I only go through one sock at a time. :-P

[–] DeplorableMimi (8 points)

I'm so jealous. Have an outstanding time. I'll be looking for the tall ass Patriot

[–] joyinliberty (7 points)

Awesome, enjoy and I might bug ya for a crowd pic or two for my rally tracker if that's ok.

[–] Need4Pede (6 points)

No prob, I'll try to get some good ones. I feel if I don't get there I'll be kicking myself for years to come.

[–] joyinliberty (5 points)

Thanks a lot! I'll bug you once or twice during the event in a non-annoying way :). It's so fun to put leftists in their place when they portray the rallies as empty or mean-spirited.

[–] selfstarter20 (7 points)

If you go, great. You also can film the Antifa and send it in to projectveritas.com or infowars.com and they probably will pay you for it. A friend of mine carries and he provided security services free to Trump supporters walking to their cars. You can bring Mace or other helpful items if you are attacked. I wish I could be there with you.

[–] lavendarlady (3 points)

Go to a thrift store and buy your chair and umbrella and poncho. Then you leave it outside the venue and if it is not there when you come out you're only out a few bucks. Save yourself a trip back to your car. All of our stuff was still there afterward. :)

[–] Need4Pede (3 points)

I have an HCap parking pass so hopefully my vehicle is very close to the entrance. Was all over NYC the other day and is sore AF. Yes I visited Trump Tower. :-P

[–] joyinliberty (10 points)

Anyone who's going, please help me! I built a website that tracks crowd attendance at all the Trump rallies, and gather anonymous crowd pics to prove the lying MSM wrong. If you're willing to send me some crowd size estimates and/or pics from the Hershey rally, please LMK. Thanks and enjoy!!

[–] cmaurras (5 points)

Is it public yet?

[–] joyinliberty (4 points)

Yep. I'll PM you.

Another night of this Trump guy stealing my shtick.
I get no respect

(1 min 37 sec)

(RIP Rodney Dangerfield)

[–] sunrtzu (7 points)

I think this is the closest rally I'm ever going to get. I might have to consider making the trip for this one.

[–] deplorable007 (3 points)

You should go sunrtz. The energy is phenomenal & your know your gonna have a great time.

[–] selfstarter20 (5 points)

I already contributed to oathkeepers.org so they can provide security to Trump Supporters. A friend of mine actually attended a rally and physically walked supporters to their cars, and guess what, nothing happened.

[–] NeoPepe (4 points)

Only one day notice? Will anyone show up?

[–] cmaurras (5 points)

It’s been planned for a little while.

[–] fstbck6706 (4 points)

I'll be there! Trying to figure out how early to arrive still.

[–] Need4Pede (2 points)

I'm looking at 9AM. Rain might keep people from such an early arrival, but I want a decent seat and took the day off work. If I'm going to experience this, it's going to be all in.

[–] Rooster (3 points)

Wife & I will be there around 3PM. Not sure what to expect.

[–] Need4Pede (1 point)

Doors open at 3PM so you can get inside the stadium then. I'm floundering on time to go. Confirmed I'm flying solo so don't really want to deal with juggling chairs and things.

[–] Tenddei1732 (4 points)

I live in Delaware now but I’m from Pennsylvania. I delayed switching my residency so I could drive up on Election Day in 2016 (about three hours). I voted, turned right around, and came back down. My pride of PA turning red and breaking the 270 was the highest it’s ever been. See you ‘pedes in Hershey!

[–] wayt20effII (4 points)

Registered to go. First rally and super amped. Any suggestions for a first timer?

[–] FightKFuFigva (2 points)

Damn, right in the middle of finals week :(

[–] Badge_ak-lp (2 points)

Only 4 hours for me

[–] MsQleo (2 points)

Every person attending needs to chant ‘No justice no peace’ and bring the fucking house down

[–] Need4Pede (2 points)

Going to smell like Freedom and chocolate my friend.

[–] WEWLAD [S] (2 points)

Can't make it to PA? https://rsbnetwork.com/ President Donald Trump Rally LIVE in Hershey, PA 12/10/19 https://youtu.be/cRx_8xLV_RM

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Ok Mr President..If It Is Ok To Spy On Your Political Opponent. It is time to fire up all the FISA warrants for Joe,Schiff Nader Ect ECt.They want to set the bar Turnabout is Fair Play.