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I know this is pretty theoretical and up for debate but I love looking at things outside the box. Between all the time travel rumors because of John Trump having access to the Tesla Files and today's current social climate that has a good vs. evil feeling. Is it possible that President Trump was put in position to save the world from the darkness that is globalism.

*wow just woke up and I'm blown away by all the comments, I'll try to read them all! 💌

I know this is pretty theoretical and up for debate but I love looking at things outside the box. Between all the time travel rumors because of John Trump having access to the Tesla Files and today's current social climate that has a good vs. evil feeling. Is it possible that President Trump was put in position to save the world from the darkness that is globalism. *wow just woke up and I'm blown away by all the comments, I'll try to read them all! 💌
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bubblegummy (55 points)

God is saving the world through Trump. That i believe...

Isaiah53 (27 points) *

I think God is giving America a repreive, so that we might repent from abortion, pushing homosexuality, pedophilia, adultery, etc.

He is also using Trump to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Most people are seeing the evil in politics, but they are not yet connecting it to God's big spiritual picture.

He's shown and told us what is coming if we don't turn to Him. As He has consistently done throughout the entire bible's history, He had used the evil to rebuke those who should know better.

happycookie6 (9 points)

Eh we'll have to see what happens. He won't be president forever and it's possible that they can reverse a lot of what he did/will do.

NavyGuy (19 points)

But, they can never undo public perception. Fake new, deep state, and the level of corruption is now known to the entire public. He has forever changed the game of politics. They can never undo that.

FluffiPuff (12 points)

They cannot undo US.

BonafideTarzan (12 points)

Through the years, we will remember. We will reproduce, and pass the facts for generations. Bill Clinton is a rapist.

CQVFEFE (2 points)

If I were God, would I even want to save the species called Homo sapiens?

I wonder

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DragonEnergyBunny [S] (16 points)

Welcome back to the light, it's cozy here in sun living in His glory.

MacwellX (12 points)

MacWell's here: Look on U-Tube for a series by Sid Roth about all of the Prophecies leading up to today. It's mind blowing to say the least and I've been studying for 38 years so far.

masedit (10 points)

What is the name of that video? Would like to watch

Arwyn3x (8 points)

And right here, go read about Pepe, one mind blowing mystical "coincidence" after another.

And that really happened right here.

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2020magavision (21 points)

No. I believe that the founding fathers created a system of checks and balances that is strong enough to withstand decades of corruption but reliable enough that an intelligent and successful, but most importantly virtuous, man or woman could rise to power by the will of the people alone in order to rectify and restore that system.

That said, we are living momentous history right now, and some days I feel so grateful I'm overwhelmed.

masedit (23 points)

I sometimes sit in awe of the founding fathers and their design of our government. They really did attempt to design a system to withstand almost every eventuality without knowing what the future may hold.

Physics is deterministic. These events were set in motion at the beginning of the universe

MAGA-licious (19 points) *

Which beginning is that? The one where thee was nothing and then that nothing caused a big bang that led to kids being force fed hormones so they can mutilate their genitals only to kill themselves years later while the air plants breathe is being used to destroy the planet? Sorry, anything from science in general has lost all credibility since it was taken over by communists and turned into a religious cult.

masedit (14 points)

This is the fight we need to win. They are corrupting the children, and therefore the future of mankind.

2016 (9 points)

Only anything that relates to politics. Stuff like math still has a lot of credibility. "1 + 1" still doesn't equal "Vote for Dems"

Isolated_Patriot (6 points) *

Are you aware of communism core?

Ninjavideo (2 points)

Science is the manifestation of truth already present in our reality - to say communists took it over is admitting defeat.

MAGA-licious (8 points)

Science is man’s attempt to make sense of a reality they don’t and can’t ever fully understand since there is no such thing as objectivity when impartial beings like humans are involved. Things like grant money and how much freedom the governing body of science allows in the country where the scientist is performing their work will always be the bane of progress.

Science has turned more into a religion where evidence is used to prove a belief based on an agenda rather than the search for the truth for truth’s sake. Greed, the lust for power and control will never allow us to find the real truth because there are men in power who don’t want us to know it. There are very few true scientists anymore and it makes me sad. I’m being hyperbolic with this next statement but there’s a reason we have a boner pill and a hair pill and still don’t have a cancer pill or an Alzheimer’s pill.

DeusVultPepe (4 points)

Very true.

masedit (8 points)

How do you factor in free will and the infinite outcomes that could occur because of it?

MacwellX (10 points)

MacWell's here: Well pede, you have to start with believing in GOD. In fact I just yesterday listened to Sid Roth teaching about the prophecies leading up to this very time frame. It was fascinating to say the least. If your interested it's on U-tube. As for free will, if you're a believer you understand that GOD (Elohim), could've been planing this world 20 sextillion years, as we understand years, before He ever put it in motion. Of course He knew which of us would respond to His call and who wouldn't. He knew if you, or I would make good choices and who wouldn't. We all have free will, some use it wisely and some use it for evil! ...KAG!

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MehNahMehNah (6 points)

No way to truly factor.... for our feeble human minds.

CQVFEFE (3 points)

They don't.

Determinists simply postulate that what you perceive as exercising free will in any situation is acktchewally the only choice you could possibly have made, given your genetic makeup and and the totality of everything else that had occurred prior to that point.

MakeHempGreatAgain (3 points)

Seems to me such a philosophy is nothing but resignation as a response to nihilistic worldview. If nothing is really up to us and we can't have any real impact on the way the universe unfolds, then the logical choice is either pure hedonism or resigning oneself to the status of a mindless cog in the machine. 'Determinism' is simply fatalism while acknowledging science.

I believe the truth is much closer to what Jordan Peterson says - we are all pebbles dropping into the pond. Though individual ripples may seem inconsequential, they most certainly affect the larger wave pattern. Our small choices compound over time and interact with the choices of others.

CQVFEFE (1 point)

I'll have one large order of hedonism, please

ProudAmerican (13 points)

What makes Trump so enlightening is that he is willing to sacrifice everything in an attempt to expose the evils that exist within our government. The opposition have come after him, his family, his money and anyone around him. The threat to him is real, yet he persists in order to protect us from malfeasance. His tenacity and ability to withstand from crumbling amongst the intense pressure does seem uncanny, but he is simply a great man. I hope we can somehow follow his lead, use his groundwork and continue the progress even after 2025. Another candidate like DJT is highly unlikely within our lifetimes so we will have to be extra diligent with our voting habits in the future. I expect the nasty rhetoric, violence and lawlessness to ramp up against all those who have an America first agenda. It will not be easy for us, but nothing worth having ever is. That being said, I don’t believe this is divinity, but rather a human experience where we had better learn from example. He has laid it all on the line for us. He fought for us and he taught us how to win. Its important we carry on with his example of winning because the game their playing,,,,,is for all the marbles.

47thSage (11 points)

He's the son of a carpenter, bro.

DragonEnergyBunny [S] (7 points)

Did you just assume my gender 😉 totes not cool bro 🤣

MemeToo (11 points)

Ever since Election Day 2016 I have believed that only Divine Intervention saved us from Hillary Clinton. She was SUPPOSED TO WIN. But we were granted a miracle. Now we have to work to reelect Donald John Trump, and pray for another miracle.

pray4peace4 (10 points)

I do. God has two hands - one is the hand of grace & the other is the hand of judgment. If He holds out to men the hand of grace & we refuse it, then we get his hand of judgement. It's God's last chance. If we humans don't take it then He comes in. If you've read all through the Bible, then you know how it ends.

DragonEnergyBunny [S] (8 points)

The book of Revelations gives me chills when i apply it to modern society.

one3five (6 points)

Revelation is unfolding right before our eyes

Isolated_Patriot (5 points)

Realizing not who, but what the Beast is, threw me for a loop. Especially in light of how incredibly obvious it is, and has been for centuries.

Not (just) a king, but a kingdom that suffered a mortal wound and the whole world thinks is dead. Give them one single leader, and the Ottoman empire will rise from the ashes in 48 hours. And will control half the world in a week. And the world is now in a state, post 'migration,' we could absolutely see this happen tomorrow.

Like, how could so many Christians for so many centuries utterly miss the fact that this entire religion is founded on the principles of being anti-Christ? It's the very embodiment of every warning John was given, centuries before Muhamadonkey was born.

And if this leader has half the teleprompter reading ability of Zero, the world as we know it will fawn at his feet and beg him to rule. It will be their ultimate virtue signal.

ThisIsReality (2 points)

Friedrich Schlegel called it.

Freebird (10 points)

I think Trump was the answer. To what? To everything. To intersectionalism and outrage culture. To the deepstate and swamp. To globalists selling out the West. To communists and other authoritarians.

Divine? Still an atheist, so i can't take it that far. But i do feel like we are at a critical moment in humanity, and if we let the far left win, humanity will be lost to a technocratic authoritarian state built on political correctness.

I admit Trump is a nearly perfect fit for the times. But that may just be a given, cause and effect. I can only hope 2020 is a massive landslide for him that wakes people up and forces us to remember the grand ideals this nation was built upon.

solarsavior (8 points)

As an atheist, I'm seeing a lot of atheists on the Trump Train. This isn't the GOP. Trump is driving the politicians crazy. We the People are sick of the nonsense for decades. I've seen periods where Republicans had the presidency and both house of Congress and the Democrats having the same. It didn't matter much.

I want 2020 to be such a seismic event that there is no way the spin doctors can spin it.

MehNahMehNah (7 points)

I appreciate how atheists just accept our prayers for their souls and move on instead of lashing out angrily as if they feel spiritual pain. Some people care, and everyone has value in the eyes of God. Even the wicked can be redeemed - but men cannot condemn you since we are all fallen.

DonnieRamesJio (9 points)

Not gonna lie; between 11/2017 and 3/2018 I thought we got juked again. When I found the drops about NK (and now we don't hear that shit every 2 weeks anymore and when it comes up it's a feeble MSM attempt) it did a lot to ease my mind

DragonEnergyBunny [S] (4 points)

Nice name🤘

masedit (9 points)

I do. He exposed how corrupt it all is, and it is ABSOLUTELY corrupt. Trump is God's way of correcting it.

DragonEnergyBunny [S] (6 points)

So true, none of us wanted to believe it truly is corrupt at the core. We have exposed the evil and we need to make serious changes

masedit (6 points)

I am ready to support Trump in this battle no matter the cost. I stand with Trump.

Mike (7 points) *

He is anointed by God. Does not matter if you believe. If you want to look into this -YouTube search Kim Clement. He was considered a prophet, he is dead now. His prophecies described everything we are experiencing. Scripturally, God always sent a prophet to announce the coming of a leader. Just as Isiah said Cyrus would return the Israelites to Judea with Trumpets, Clement called Trump the savior of the United States before any of us even considered a billionaire playboy would give it all up for politics



Prophecy of a woman after Trump. Nikki Hailey? Rumors suggest she may be 2020 VP. Whoever she is, she starts a new party and destroys the cartels https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VlXfkO3PWhA

Marshall (7 points) *

As much as I like Trump, he's not God and he's not really Emperor. He may be an instrument that God chooses to use to do his will though.

In the end, all nations will turn against Israel (including the US if it still exists) and Revelation will happen. I'm just hoping and praying that it will be after a third great awakening and a period of international revival.

But it wouldn't surprise me if we were the 'Babylon the Great' referenced there.

MsAnthropic (7 points) *

Yep, I think that he was put there by God. I’m not even religious, but it’s pretty clear we’re seeing good vs evil.

JoeBitem (6 points)

Check out the hermit of Loreto non believers may change their minds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyV7kwMRzdo

joyinliberty (6 points)

Yes, partially. I worship Christ as the Savior of the entire world, but I also believe God chooses certain people to play significant roles in preserving the Constitution and other vehicles for freedom and liberty, and in doing good and teaching the way of happiness. I think He picked President Trump to be the right man for the job at this time, to help undo a lot of evil. Certainly the war will outlast the man, and perhaps all of us as well. But our side will win, and I believe our generation's great-grandchildren will run around in a free world with a helluva lot of little Dons and Melanias.

quiche_epinards (6 points) *

After reading Wead's book, "The Trump White House," I'm much more in awe of what President Trump has achieved, specifically with regard to North Korea and the economy.

Wead said he and his researchers read "The Art of the Deal" line by line in order to understand Trump's thinking and methods of operating. The book was full of sticky and margin notes, but still, they couldn't find the essence.

It was during the interviews that he realized that Trump simply saw -- and connected -- dots that no one, not economists, not other presidents, no one -- could see.

Wead said anti-Trumpers define him as a buffoon. He is anything but.

After reading the book, my respect for Trump has gone to a whole other level.

spez: typo

trumpismypresident (6 points)

hence "God Emperor"

oakley (5 points) *

Yes! I only believe somewhat that random activities are due to fate.

JoeBitem (5 points)

I think the world is someone’s Petri dish and we are simply organisms being studied to see how this shit plays out. The organisms in a Petri dish don’t realize they are on a Petri dish, to them it is normal. It’s like there is a force of goodness and a force of evil each taking turns to help manipulate the organisms (us) in the dish (world) to follow their lead and this time the good force won.

In the end, it’s already been written and predicted what will go down in the Bible. It’s just a matter of when we succumb to the perils foretold now or later. The struggle is constant and there is a light and a darkness, good and evil. But revelations sure seems to be calling what has been transpiring.

Swan854 (5 points)

In 1996, Fr. Malachi Martin, said on Art Bell’s Dow that by 2016 at the latest, God would intervene in human affairs to bring about a victory over evil.

LilLadyLiberty4All (5 points)

Yep. Look up Mark Taylor. He prophesied Trump winning back in 2011. He thought Trump was going to run in 2012 but Trump decided not to run at that time. America needed more time to see what was going on. Obviously not everyone in America paid attention but majority of us sure as hell did. God put Trump in office. I firmly believe that. Jesus is protecting Trump from all of the negative and evil that is being projected at Trump.

NavyGuy (5 points) *

You don't have to be a perfect Christian to be part of God's plan. Have you heard of the Cyrus Prophecy? I bet you'll find this interesting. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/mar/23/cyrus-prophecy-evangelical-support-donald-trump

MAGAlikethis (4 points)

Tbh, I think fate (if there is such a thing) was against Trump. Trump put himself in this position and we said "hell yeah". He's been looking at saving Western civilization for decades and finally decided to jump in at just the right time.

StarGirl (4 points)

He was the only one brave enough to say what needs to be said and strong enough to take the attacks. With the brains to make the deals and cause libs to self destruct.

Lion-Ted (4 points)

Gematria, meme magic, and the KEK happenings on 4chan have proven to me that there is indeed some sort of supreme being or order that exists. Idk if trump is specifically a diving being, but whatever his intentions were matched that of whatever this entity that has the power to influence existence was seeking.

Pede (4 points)

I don't know how things work in this timeline. Where I come from, my name meant "foot", and Trump was a star on NBC.

DonTread (4 points)

We are truly living in incredible times pede!

520kj (4 points) *

There is but one Savior of humanity and that's Jesus Christ who died for our sins, rose again on the 3rd day and has gone to prepare a place for us in Heaven so that where he is we may be also.

But I definitely believe President Trump was sent by God to help us straighten out the mess we were in here in the US. The prayers of the faithful were answered and continue to be answered, Praise God.

Spez: That said, in light of this being downvoted to 0 I'll take my leave from this site now. "And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet."

Beardedpatriot (4 points)

IDK WTF happened with the last election. All I know is that a crazy chain of events happened and it all has me questioning things with my faith that I never thought I would. I've said this elsewhere, but I woke up in 2016 and my eyes remain open.

DragonEnergyBunny [S] (2 points)

You're on the right path if your eyes and heart are open.

Visitor999 (4 points)


I think God has secular intervention here and there to guide humanity away from total destruction. The US is special and exclusively His only instrument to battle and defeat Islam, Socialism and totalitarianism in general. Biblically all that Old Testament apocalyptic hyperbole translates into practical political-social shifts.

deleted (3 points)
DragonEnergyBunny [S] (2 points)

Interesting insight.

StarGirl (2 points)

Was there another dooms day for 11/3? I didn't hear about that one.

Landslide_2020 (3 points)

There is no other earthly explanation as to how he won. There is ZERO doubt that it was Devine (God) intervention. I just pray that God feeis we are worthy of His Grace, and intervenes again in 2020. We cannot afford to lose to the Demoncrats.

So, my fellow Patriots. Keep your prayers aimed towards the Heavens.

paul_rick (6 points)

You have to understand there are a great many things we don't understand. There is an electrical force in humans that is there when we are alive. Where it goes in death no one knows. The same with prayer. It works, but no one can explain how. Just as my dog can't comprehend quantum mechanics, we have no ability to truly understand God.

TruthVelocity (3 points)

Every day.

FluffiPuff (3 points) *

God has give us a chance to save the Republic - we must decide to do it.

bohlah00 (3 points)

I definitely do. He is like a prophet or even better for our times.

MAGA-licious (3 points)

Math can exist without science but science cannot exist without math.

PotentialWizard (3 points)

Yes. Trump winning the US presidency was historically unexpected. Additional signs from God in 2016: the UK votes for Brexit. Cleveland Cavaliers win the NBA final. Chicago Cubs win the World Series (against the Cleveland Indians!). Duterte, the Filipino Trump, wins the Philippines presidency.

Farmerbob1 (3 points)

No. I believe Trump getting elected was the people in this country deciding to save themselves.

EPic (3 points)

It’s a lot harder to try to save yourself if you have no viable choices. Who would you have voted for if it was Hilary vs Romney ? Would it even have mattered ?

Farmerbob1 (3 points)

Indeed. That is why Trump actually won. People in this country took a gamble when a strong, successful businessman stepped up to try and save the country.

Perot might have managed something close to the same thing years ago, the first time he tried to run, but he waffled and dropped out of the race.

I believe that Americans grew tired of the deep state and the status quo. I think it was the catalyst that woke people up and made us take action - to take our country back.

Arwyn3x (3 points) *

When things seem the darkest to me, and I feel like it is hopeless. I am reminded that God would not have started something he didn't intend to finish.

The idea the Globalist have tried to erase from the face of the earth is this uniquely Christianan avowal/confession:

"We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights."

deleted (3 points)
King (2 points)

thats the theory...just when they were about to destroy the usa...trump card!

Wal_Mart_Security (2 points)

God led Nehemiah to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem to protect his people.

Trump is building the border wall to protect us and I think he is being led by God to do so.

username7 (2 points)

King Cyrus

Faffz (2 points)

As time passes we forget how rigged that election was. He shouldn't have been able to win. Any other human on Earth could not have done it.

n3IVI0 (2 points)

I absolutely think so. He's a modern day Jehoshaphat.

JesusisKing (2 points)

Trust in god. Pray. Abstain from sin. Discern.

shadoweyes (2 points) *

Yes. Like.. For example when that train full of Congressman was hit and didn't derail in maybe 2017?

FatDickNick (2 points)

More like military intervention.

trumpyoga (2 points)

Yes absolutely

BonerDonor (2 points)

I don't know what I believe but it certainly feels like it

Bossman (2 points)

Catholic here, yes I believe that the Lord’s hand is guiding Trump and protecting him. Trump is a flawed man, but God works with the broken to fulfill his plans.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, there are only 2 genders, abortion is murder, MAGA 2020!!!

deleted (1 point)
TheRealJameson (1 point)

Yes and no. I believe it wasn’t an accident from the dark shadowy parts of our government. He got elected so they could bridegroom the gap between patriots and racism. Now, if you’re a patriot, you’re racist.

BannedFromReddit (1 point)

No. God doesn't meddle with humanity like we're puppets. We have free will for a reason.

SJBHamilton (1 point)

I'd like to believe that. But does God play favorites? Why did he hate the Germans and the rest of Europe so much to inflict Hitler on them ? Why did he hate the Russians so much to inflict Stalin on them ?

koyima (1 point)

no but it does make the time traveler theory more likely... lol

Butthurt (1 point)

No. God didn’t vote him in. We did.

3Always3Victorious3 (1 point) *

President Trump is on a roll in MAGA. Let's keep that momentum going well into 2020, 24, 28, 32, 36!

Epicsoundwaves (1 point)

All I'm sayin is the great California Drought stopped right after Trump was elected...

AldoTheApache (0 points)

I dont know how much saving there is left. Not concern trolling but demographics show that by 2045 usa will be a white minority country. After that we will never see an America first president again. Blacks hispanics and asian vote majority left. California Virginia and texas are good examples of what minorities do to hurt communities. CA was once a republican stronghold but it only took a few years of illegals to permanently turn it blue forever. At some point this will happen to America then its only a few years until we’re destroyed and the one world government begins.

assault_art (-3 points)

No, that's just silly. Plus, humanity is not on the road of being saved, and Trump is not saving humanity, that's why it's "America fist". If he were, he would intervene venezuela, which would be good for venezuela, but that's not good for the USA.

After his second term is done, if he gets one, hopefully, it's back to the uniparty, unless a brand new party is made with no RINOS. That means no graham, no mittens of course, and if ted cruz is part of it, not backstabbing the party sometimes, like when he gave an interview abroad and blasted Trump.

Also, if god is real, he doesn't care about saving humanity, or else it wouldn't have come to this point.

How about the magical thoughts stop?