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Kaseiopeia38 (30 points)

And please Trump, ban all immigration from SA. They have no talent we need. We don’t need their oil. We don’t need their sand. They have NOTHING to offer except terrorism.

shipoutofdanger (9 points)

ah but anyone that gets government funding can use them to make their district/school system/hospital/charity "show demonstrated vulnerability and need" and thus..


It's all about those Benjamins. 10% of the American public has sold the rest of us out. Look around you. Anyone who works a government job is, at best, complicit. Those at the top are guilty as sin.

Lion-Ted (3 points)

Government employees are all complicit in evil. I love saying that to their face. Or be in public and say obnoxiously loud how all teachers are evil, and are actively ruining society under the guise of “we are the most important people because we teach your children” while at the same time being whiny CUNTs and demanding more money on a yearly basis despite the fact they are continually performing worse on a yearly basis.

The whole place shuts the fuck up for a minute, it’s awesome.


Let’s just ban all immigration period, we’re full.

sagoza (3 points)

I love Trump, I really do, but unfortunately I don't think he will go tough on SA anytime soon. I don't remember the last time he blamed the saudis for anything, not to mention that when Khashoggi got killed, he should have been much tougher on them, but instead it was just crickets from him.

selfstarter20 (3 points)

When I was in DC, I walked by the FBI Building and gave it the FINGER !!!!!

deleted (1 point)

FBI FINALLY admits it’s a steaming pile of shit.

The_Emperor (24 points)

He purchased a Glock legally for the attack. Here's a question. what kind of Visa to you need to be able to buy a weapon in the United States ? the US constitution grants citizens the right to bear arms but not Saudi nationals visiting on training . Meanwhile in New York State I can't buy a pistol without an extensive waiting to get a pistol permit

ArtGuy [S] (13 points)

And of course he was illegal in a gun free zone. God help our patriotic military...while the swamp is cleaned.

I don't know if visa checks are done or if the checks would come back with anything other than lawful/unlawful citizen. Here a temporary visa holder can get a local driver's licence no worries at all, and use that to extend their identification documentation. Local police don't hold those records, so unless someone in LE specifically checks with Borderforce, there's no way to know.

DJT2020 (8 points)

How is it possible for him to have passed a federal background check without being a citizen? No way he bought that gun legally, unless by a private sale.

Thep1mp (6 points) *

I don’t know of any state that would allow a private sale to a foreigner. In fact, the states that I have lived in prohibit private sales to someone from out of state, if they allow private sales at all.

MAGAyote (3 points)

Wait! Right now 2a means guns for everyone in the USA as long as you are a citizen. If no one asked the question get them!

Thep1mp (1 point)

Who said that?

bill_in_texas (3 points)

I can't buy a pistol without an extensive waiting to get a pistol permit

Have you tried renouncing your citizenship and becoming a Saudi subject?

Kaseiopeia38 (22 points)

Time to deport Saudi Nationals. Not a one can be trusted.

shipoutofdanger (9 points)

Too late. Mohammed just cracked the top 10 baby names in the USA this year.

LtColonelPlease (21 points)

Muslims are more trouble than they’re worth.

ArtGuy [S] (14 points) *

What a shock! Yesterday: don't know. Today: well it sure looks that way (have we covered our asses yet?)

Lion_Party (12 points)

This was a military operation. We should let Iran and Sauds fight it out and hopefully destroy each other.

selfstarter20 (10 points) *

This FBI needed 26 agents at 4AM to raid 72 year old Roger Stone's house in Florida. ------ Did both the FBI and CIA look the other way on 9-11? Did the State Department knowingly grant visas to impostors from Saudi Arabia?

Boomerang (7 points) *

During WW2 (prior to US entry) after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Japanese were sent to interment residences

The bombing of Pearl Harbor was a heap of a lot of treachery

All these murdering rampages by these Islamic jihadist are exactly like that kind of treachery and similar threat to our society

It's time the govt. start protecting our society like back then

shipoutofdanger (5 points)

except the govt is the one behind it now

ArtGuy [S] (3 points)

That's a tough take, but these are tough times...hence Guantanamo.

Biggie_Smalls (7 points)

WOW......they are on the ball. Give them all a raise......


ArtGuy [S] (5 points)

We do need to somehow reverse the direction that started over 50 years ago. Kinda like turning an aircraft carrier around with the accompanying battle fleet.

shipoutofdanger (7 points)

I prefer we call it what it really is:

An Islamic Hate Attack.

Anyone heard Omar or Tlaibs disavowal or denouncement yet? Anyone? Did they shut down Twitter yet because he posted his anti-American Islamic hate manifesto there yet?


I can wait! Hell I've been waiting almost 3 years already.

NOT_GLOBALISM (6 points)

Wait until we find out the truth behind 90% of mass shootings.

Clabber (5 points)

Key word, “ presumes”. Dullards.

The issue is, because there are a bunch of Terrorism laws now, if they come out and say "this was terrorism." Then they're obligated to charge the offender (assuming they survive), and anyone that gave material support to them, with terrorism offences.

Law Enforcement are everywhere overworked and underresourced (that's where politicians want them). No LEO of any stripe wants to waste months of work on on a case that's not going to win. Hence, they play this stupid game of semantics around "mental illness" in the press until they have overwhelming evidence to support a finding of terrorism.

Over here at the first court appearance for Noori Saeed, the magistrate questioned the prosecution on why there were no terrorism charges laid. The answer was - because, despite the fact that he pulled into the tram tracks from 4 cars back at the traffic lights and ploughed into a crowd of commuters crossing the intersection (only to collide into concealed railings and disable his own vehicle by sheer luck), while all the while playing the Jihadi soundtrack in his car, and having loads of Jihadi videos on his computer and phone, the prosecution decided there was insufficient evidence of Terrorism to convince a local jury. They're probably right; Melbourne is full of bleeding heart liberals.

Meanwhile, terrorists are fucking laughing at them and us.

ArtGuy [S] (3 points)

This needs to change fast.

Bramage (5 points)

FBI, deep state fuckers who can't be trusted.

chicken_graveyard (4 points)

terrorism but "motives unknown" like usual

NeilNewsNetwork (4 points)

did they also admit that water is wet and that bill clinton is a rapist?

SodaPopPepe (3 points)


TheRoyalRob (3 points)

Scary shit, my brother use to be stationed there...

GernBlanston (1 point)

I have not seen any news say it was a terrorist act?