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Half the sudden mentions of this thing we all have known for a couple years now are just lame attempts to spam this forum with Whatfinger, Liberty Daily, Bongino, etc. promotion. Fuck off and take your Insurance Panda tactics with you. If those sites can't stand on their own two feet and won't buy real advertising, quit spamming our volunteer-built forum.

Half the sudden mentions of *this thing we all have known for a couple years now* are just lame attempts to spam this forum with Whatfinger, Liberty Daily, Bongino, etc. promotion. Fuck off and take your Insurance Panda tactics with you. If those sites can't stand on their own two feet and won't buy real advertising, quit spamming our volunteer-built forum.
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Freedom_of_Speech (4 points)

Ah shit sorry to say but I don't like it. Good source of info on certain subjects but it's no Drudge. In fact no other site but Drudge is like Drudge. They have no clue how to write headlines or how to organize them and their bias, while I agree with it, is cheesy and too much. I want a snapshot of things not a one-sided view. I come here for that and go to Drudge for the rest even if I disagree with his positions and the stories he chooses to share or the headlines he writes.

I am not 100% sure Drudge is sold. Maybe, maybe not but it hasn't been confirmed. Either Drudge is under a gag order as a clause in the sale or he's silently enjoying the drama. I checked the site today and tbh it's not a 'liberal cesspool' even if he has been rather overtly writing pro-impeachment headlines recently. One of his headlines today even says 'Trump asks what's happening to Drudge' where it talks about this current drama. This leads me to believe that Drudge is enjoying this controversy and he didn't really sell.

Let's wait and see. So far I still check it every day and I don't think other alternative listed below by others comes close to offering what Drudge does.

Let's not turn on our own. There are different issues to worry about at the moment. Let the left take down their own for not being pious enough, they've enjoyed allowing the opposite happen to us for decades while they stood united.

Until something is actually confirmed, feel free to trust whatever source you want, but verify.

I remember reading something about it being sold. I believe this week, possibly last. Regardless, Drudge has become msn in the last +9 months. A great site fallen to the wayside. Look at the- its all msn.

WHere is the positive message? Where are the stories of America thriving? Bongino has a new aggrgeate? I hope he does something different

FuckReddit45 (2 points)

Awesome, thank you for the recommendation.

BoricuaPede [S] (-19 points)

I rest my case. Deported!

FarmerPepe (18 points)

What a grump

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RMR57 (9 points)

You're blowing things out of proportion.

wontongo (35 points)

Thankfully there are several high quality alternatives now. I only go to drudge when I want to check on the most recent sex robot news.








nmipede (23 points)

OP's going to froth at the mouth over this post. Kek!

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Freedom_of_Speech (6 points) *

lmao I noticed that sex bot story obsession too. Sex bots & UFO stories. Drudge loves them way too much.

also add in RealClearNews. It's the better of the bunch and the only alternative to Drudge that I check often (though not as often as T_D, both of them, and Drudge). Also Gateway Pundit and Conservative Tree House is good too for occasional checks but I find their formatting annoying and their stories mostly one-sided except when they have those occasionally good scoops and insights.

Isolated_Patriot (1 point) *

That's how you can trace the exact day that Matt Drudge sold died. The headlines stopped being snarky, and the occasional Christian prophecy in Israel article was replaced by daily sex robot coverage. The coverage itself didn't go anti-Trump over night, but the rest of the site completely changed it's tone in a single day.

yarg (2 points) *

I'm sure he's got the whole line of everything on the market.Though I'm sure nothing quite compares to plowing or getting plowed by his Both Ways Ben.

JoeBitem (22 points)

Nobody is spamming anything. Some people are late to figure shit out and barely coming to these conclusions. You seem overly agitated about this. Have patience for them and let them catch up.

BoricuaPede [S] (-15 points)

Amazing how many replies like yours mysteriously have the phrase "late to figure this out" and "late to the party" in them. It's almost like you are all writing from the same script.

trumpacolyte (18 points)

I get where you are coming from but he's right. Lots of older people can sense that something was off about drudge for the last couple years, but there was know way to know that he sold out.

No need to be a dingus about it. Most of the people saying they've known it for a long time are just bullshitting anyway. Everyone knew it wasn't the same, but could only speculate about the reasons why.

kicklucy (-3 points)

There is zero fucking proof that he sold anything! The Twitter is not him and never was. People, especially old people, are so gullible when fake news fits their chosen narrative.

terrichris (3 points)

Rasmussen Reports' official Twitter account wrote that "[w]e don't think Matt is there any more" and shared the rumor that he's sold The Drudge Report to a third party.

Isolated_Patriot (1 point)

There is no proof that Matt Drudge is alive either. I'd really rather we didn't keep tarnishing the reputation of a dead man who actually served our country as a beacon of truth for so long.

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JoeBitem (1 point)

Really? Who owns things is why we are in such a shitty situation so I’m not sure how you can conclude that.

Who owns Facebook, Twitter, The NY Times, Yahoo, CNN, Hollywood, etc? Then explain to me how that doesn’t matter with a straight face.

BoricuaPede [S] (-9 points)

I am not "being a dingus about it." You know these people get paid for engagement, right? They post stuff for righties here, stuff for lefties on leftie blogs, and get paid each time one of us engages them. It is deceptive and unethical, and they are making money off of the hard work of the mods here, which pisses me off. If Breitbart or whoever doesn't police their forum, that is on them - but damned if I am going to stand by and let these spammers infest here.

tubbyninja (8 points)

Honestly I had suspicions that Drudge sold out, but this post was the first time I'd heard anything about it.

Ease up on the conspiracy theory, bud.

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JoeBitem (2 points)

That makes too much sense and is grounded in reality. Therefore the op will take it upon his or herself to save the site by attacking your level headedness.

I guess the positive here is that they can recycle the tinfoil from his or her head and make a nice crack pipe out of it.

justicein2020 (1 point)

got damm loch ness monsters.

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JoeBitem (1 point)

So in your paranoia you think it’s your duty to somehow save the site by fighting people who reasonably say that others aren’t necessarily at the forefront of picking up on things?

Seek help porfavor.

JoeBitem (4 points)

“It's almost like you are all writing from the same script.”

Grade A tinfoil hat shit right there. It’s almost like you’ve smoked too much of Walter whites shit and keep peeping out the window looking for people trying to “get you’. Like Whoa.

Wrexxis780 (21 points)

I still don't really know what Drudge is, and at this point, Im afraid to ask.

Gilliais (19 points)

A news aggregator whose eponymous website gained fame in the ‘90s. Back then, he was publishing links to news stories about the Clintons, links that you would not find in the MSM. Drudge was a somewhat reliable news outlet for years, but his curating of news began to lean further and further left in the last few years. I quit checking his site at least 4 years ago. If I wanted pro-progressive bias, I could just stick with msm.

Freedom_of_Speech (0 points)

Don't get extreme, Drudge is not 'pro-progressive', he mocks libs on the daily with his headlines and HATES anything to do with Clinton or Pelosi.

Warskull (13 points) *

He was a news aggregator. Probably the first relevant one. He had conservative leanings and would showcase conservative news. He sold his site, but it doesn't matter. A lot of the news aggregates are on the decline because news as a whole is on the decline. People aren't paying as much attention due to things going full clickbait.

He was kind of wishy washy on Trump, so that's likely why he bailed out. A lot of neocon era Republicans weren't down with the populist, America first stance Trump has taken.

StarGirl (4 points)

They broke the story about Bill and Monica I believe.

Too many other sources for news to give a shit about drudge. He had a good run. But so did newspapers.

Time to move on.

sjdude (7 points)

Drudge is ASSHOE! Fucking traitor.

Unaffiliated patriots typing recommendations is not advertising. I don't see your name on the mod list, Boricua.

GernBlanston (6 points)

I could care less. I have never even near that shit.

bubblegummy (6 points)

Gab's founder Andrew Torba is a patriot. Check out his gab posts. I think he's a Q follower too 😉 https://gab.com/a

Bobby (5 points)

I've heard of drudge report. Never seen it , don't care.

number45 (5 points)

After a fucking decade of Drudge surfing every day, I use gabtrends.com now. Much fucking better!

HumbleMemeFarmer (5 points)

Young pede's don't miss what they never had.

From the late 90's until about 3 years ago Drudge was a great way to get past the media blockade.

His ability to juxtapose headlines to show lefty insanity is a skill I haven't seen anyone else practice at his level.

I wish Mr. Drudge well, but I hope the site bearing his name goes down in flames.

Kinetique (4 points)

This, Matt drudge was the firewall against the BS media. Veritas are fricken amateurs compared to the Drudgereport in the 90s and 2000s.

Too bad that it is now complete crap. I hope the new owners lose all of their investment!

Kinetique (4 points)

downvote away, but drudge was the best conservative website for many years. It sucks that it was sold to f’tards but other sites like the Donald.win will pickup where Matt drudge left off.

I have nothing but respect for Matt Drudge even though the drudgereport is now complete crap!

ChernobylWitness (3 points)

Dropped drudge ages ago just like Fox.

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ChernobylWitness (1 point)

Controlled Op. I watch OANN and rantingly and all else is just research.

JoeBitem (2 points)

Usually controlled opposition isn’t that effective. Sheppard Smith: controlled opposition. Tucker: opposition slayer.

kicklucy (3 points)

Somebody post a link to a factual news article about Drudge being sold. I’ll wait.

kicklucy (2 points)

Meanwhile, here’s an article debunking Drudge_Report Twitter as official. That Twitter bio is the only “source” people have. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/tweets-tied-to-drudge-report-censored-jack-dorsey-singled-out-for-weird-situation

kicklucy (2 points)

Still waiting, but here's an interesting article showing that the husband of the woman who owns Drudge's new ad agency is the Google Cloud technical director. What could go wrong?


kicklucy (1 point)

Ha...this is interesting. Someone on Wikipedia blaming Drudge editor Daniel Halper for left turn of Drudge Report: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_Halper

seedbanksal (3 points)

We're in a transitional phase right now as the places like Drudge that were integral to success last time, are not going to be as useful anymore.
Thankful that patriots have rushed to create and migrate to useful sites. Thank God a few on our side can create and manage the playing field and.... while using a computer, I was beginning to wonder lol.

The suggestions and passing of info about the alternatives haven't gotten bothersome for me. Still feels within a reasonable time frame for directing the lost, confused, curious. I found out about this site from what might be considered an advertisement in a comments section, but I'm glad whomever it was did it. I had quit visiting reddit months ago and would likely never have seen any pinned thread that may be there directing here. I figure this Drudge fall and proliferation of alternatives will work themselves out. Checking all as they come online. I'm sure it's not easy as the news never stops, so the herd may thin as time passes.

We counted on drudge for years and he F'ing held it down. He did his tour of duty and then some. And it's a little like what I've heard guys talk about a phantom limb now without him. Best wishes.

TreeTop300 (1 point)

I'm down with this, but I also see drudge a little differently. I see drudge as a cultural mirror, it aggregates articles from both sides. They still post links to damaging dem publications but also publish what is being said about Trump world. To me this is bubble busting and essential. Better we don't whistle past the graveyard, and get blindsided by a successful impeachment or lost election.

yarg (2 points)

It doesn't surprise me at all it was sold to someone with a political agenda, considering the crap that comes from that site these days. It's now the TMZ of news aggregators.

suzookus (2 points)

I never used Drudge Report. It always seemed amateur looking to me. Bongino’s site it much more appealing.

kicklucy (2 points)

The thing that is driving me crazy is that they don’t have actual evidence it WAS sold. The Twitter bio everyone is pointing to is NOT Drudge. It’s a guy in San Fran. In fact, I think that guy is probably in on this dumb “strategy.”

Yep, it is looking like a purposeful effort now and they’ve overplayed their hand. It’s boring and obvious.

Drudge is a Pedo, probably

Bramage (1 point)

Dunno, don't give 2 fucks.

WanderingAutist (1 point)

I'll join you on this quest without my 2 shits.

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ByteKnight321 (1 point)

At the first post on /r/The_Donald about Drudge going left, I deleted my bookmark!

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Sugardik (1 point)

I never read it anyway.

SmokeyMeadow (1 point)

I never liked Drudge's site. For me, I just can't get down with an aggregator unless I can make detached sarcastic comments about the stories posted there. I've tried all the places OP mentioned and more, and it's like sure the bias is gone but the places are still boring Web 1.0 Drudge-like. Nice if that's your thing, but I lived through the Web 1.0 era and I don't want to go back.

deleted (1 point)

Who cares now that we have Bongino Report: https://bonginoreport.com/

ChelseaHubbell (1 point)

People on t_d are losing their shit over this. "We were lied to, he sold us out!". Some seem more angry about this than the foreign aid money laundering scheme. It's fucking bizzare

Trendingtrump (1 point)

Who do I contact to buy advertising on TheDonald.win?

HumbleMemeFarmer (-1 points)

You don’t.

LAFreddy (1 point)

TIL Drudge was sold

rx1994z (1 point)

Drudge was good for Internet folks back in the 50's. Thedonald.win is the future.

impera (1 point)

Fewer media outlets are bad because inevitably it puts more power in the hands of the remaining outlets and power corrupts and all that, they become targets, they get pressured via means both legit and shadowy to add editorial slants.. its just not good.

A caveat to this, is that is bad actors don't really add anything to the broader debate and dialectic. Drudge was on a spiral down maybe post 2016 election & so its not likely that it counts for much any more.

if anything, I think encouraging people to start their own sites if they feel up to writing articles, starting their own livestreams and podcasts & coping with any critiques that inevitably will come their way is a net positive. I think there is a hunger for solid reporting that cant be sated by the hollowed-out MSM, so where there is a demand, a supply to cater to this is inevitable.

Nuclear2020 (1 point)

Other than one more source controlled by the DS. Never went to the site myself.

Realhermit (1 point)

We rhe drudge now...

paul_rick (1 point)

What's a "Drudge"? I seem to have heard that word somewhere before.

NeoPepe (1 point)

I moved to Rantingly.com

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BoricuaPede [S] (-7 points)

Front page! Looks like this post struck a nerve.

Haha! suck it, spammers!